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Things to consider...

First Impressions - The first step in finding a website designer is evaluating their (website) portfolio. When looking at previous websites they have created consider your first impression of their design and navigation. First impressions are very important. An amateurish website will reflect poorly on your personal website, company, or nonprofit organization.

Talk to their references - When talking to their references ask if they felt the designer was qualified to do the work they requested, if they met deadlines, if they were easy to work with and responsive to your needs, wants and desires. Did they do it their way or your way. Did they satisfy the requirements of the job?

Aesthetics and Layout - An attractive site interests viewers, making them want to see more. The layout should be designed so the viewer quickly understands the websites purpose and the companies mission. Most users scan rather than read so "less is more" is a good philosophy to have. People want quick answers or results and usually don't have time to "read" and would prefer to "look".

Creativity - It is exciting to find a site that has something new and/or dares to be different. The website designer/programmer should combine the style with the website content and purpose. Although you need to be careful with too many pictures or images because of slow loading time. FLASH intros are very popular and creative but often are just time consuming and some people tend to want to bypass them.

Ease of Navigation - The navigational structure should be designed with the content and the intended audience in mind. The viewer should be able to navigate to a desired location within two or three clicks. Links to products and services should be readily available. If it is a very large (50+ pages) site a search capability is essential!

Browser Compatibility - A site that looks good in Internet Explorer may have problems in Netscape and vice versa. Be sure to look at sites the webmaster has created on different browsers. Pages can look completely different on different browsers.

Loading Time - Web surfers were surveyed and they commented that slow-loading sites were one of their top frustrations. They generally will wait 12 seconds for a site to load. Your site should be attractive but still load quickly.

Price - Shop around. You don't have to pay $15,000 - $25,000 for a great site. Also ask if they offer a free initial consultation.

Location of Designer - With todays technology, the location of your website designer/programmer is not important. I have designed websites for people throughout the US.

For updates and changes: You can fax or email all of your updates and changes to your website to us. You could also telephone but we require that all changes be in writing.